Roger Federer The Record Breaker!

December 25, 2017

The magical Tennis Player, Roger Federer has had a remarkable season this year too. He was voted as the BBC overseas sports personality of the year for the fourth time. He returned after long-time knee trouble to win the grand slam after 2012 at the Australian Open. Following it, he won for the record-breaking eighth time the Wimbledon Crown. He is on number 2 ranking in the world just behind his top rival Rafael Nadal. He has also won the best overseas personality award chosen by the public. He has earlier won this award in 2004, 2006 and 2007.

Close to Federer, Usain Bolt and Muhammad Ali have won this award three times. On this moment of great honor, Federer said he is proud to be chosen by the UK public as the best overseas personality for 2017. He added on that the support provided by the UK public is just amazing and it helps celebrities like him to stay grounded and be thankful for the immense trust and encouragement showered by the public.

Federer competed with various other sports personalities for the BBC overseas personality of the year award. His competitors included the American quarterback footballer Tom Brady, para-athlete Tatyana McFadden, swimmer Katie Ledecky, dart player Michael Van Gerwe and athlete Sally Pearson. However, the votes favored the one and only Federer, and he got awarded at a beautiful ceremony at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. His winning the award for Sports Personality of the year is no new news. His caliber and significant contribution to tennis are incomparable. He is 36 years old and is still going strong! He plays each season with the zest and energy as if he is playing his very first series. He is certainly a source of inspiration for all the budding tennis enthusiasts out there.

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Tour Packages For Travelling To Italy

October 28, 2017

Italy is indeed a lovely country with the most amazing architectural designs. The historical monuments, lakes, the daily lifestyle of the place will leave you spellbound every time you go there. There is ample number of destinations that mark innumerable tourist visits every year. In case you are fond of ancient buildings, scenery, magnificent cities or lakes, you have it all here. Plan for visiting Italy the next time you plan a holiday with family or friends. You are sure to enjoy the visit wholeheartedly.

Search for the best deals online only then book your tickets and pack your bags. You can find a cruise package ranging from 85000 to 90000 INR. You can schedule a tour of all the major sites such as Italy, Paris, and Swiss. It will cost around 1,10,000 INR per head. European Sojourn trip where you can see ancient sites, enjoy the cuisines and see the extraordinary art of the place. A trip to Florence is a must as you have some of the most beautiful villas and building out there. The European Sojourn will cost you somewhere around 1,50,000 per person. All the packages are inclusive of meal, stay and sightseeing. So, pack your bags and be spellbound by the magic of Italy!

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Are The UK People Happy With Brexit?

October 16, 2017

The recent Brexit polls were evidently pointing towards the discontent of people for the UK leaving the European Union. The poll findings were highlighted on Twitter by Labor MPs Chuka Umunna, Steve Red, and David Lammy. Their tweets reflected that public opinion is turning against Brexit and the Brexit polls are clear shot signs. A disparity among female votes indicates that 49% females think it was a wrong decision whereas 40% were happy with the decision. In the fifth meeting concerning Brexit talks, some officials said they had reached a deadlock situation concerning post-Brexit payments.

Before the polls, Theresa May refrained from answering whether she would participate in the survey for Brexit or not. Later she said that her reaction would be to weigh up the pieces of evidence and nothing more. May’s actions during Brexit negotiations were supposed to be failing Britain according to Jeremy Corbyn. Britain is moving towards a deadlock situation where it might end up becoming a deregulated tax haven. Several claims are being made by the opposition party leaders that the pro-Brexit Conservative party members are moving in a self-benefit direction. A no outcome discussion that happens every time a meeting is organized for Brexit is not a good sign.

Now the polls show that the number of people who regret the decision to vote pro-Brexit has increased. In fact, the opinion of people turning against Brexit led to the YouGov polls getting seized by the Labour MPs. There is tremendous distress going on in the post Brexit condition of UK. As the days pass on, the fear of people turning against is increasing. With the public in panic, nothing better can happen in the country. It is all up to the capability of the ruling party now to break through the deadlock and show the people why Brexit was ever initiated.

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Breaks Record To Be The Smallest Nation To Enter The World Cup Football Finals!

October 3, 2017

Iceland made its place in the world cup finals after a 2-0 win against Kosovo. Heimir Hallgrimsson team was fully aware that if they win over Group I’s bottom side will finalize their team’s position to qualify for the world cup finals. On the other hand, Gylfi Sigurdsson from Everton and team set their nerves pumping on the goal before the halftime. Even in the second half the spirit continued when Johann Berg’s second was set up by Sigurdsson during the next half of the game. Iceland was firm on ending the sports campaign by winning the last three finals. This paved the way for their entry into the quarterfinals of Euro cup in the year 2016.

Iceland’s emphatic final match victory by 3-0 in Turkey took them to the top in the ranking list. However, they tried their best to impose against the group’s bottom side. Earlier in the game, Samir Ujkani easily saved the far post shot made by Bodvarsson. Following the incredible shot Milot Rashica soon gave a shot that was long-range enough to flow past the Halldorsson post. It was an unexpected game turn that set our adrenaline pumping like never before. Iceland kept moving ahead, and their next move in the game completely changed its face to something that was unexpected.

Sigurdsson collected the ball and made his fourth goal for the qualifiers. With all his might he went past Amir Rrahmani and Ujkani for the fantastic shot. He was unstoppable! The hosts had a huge smile on their face seeing an incredible effort. All of this later led to the Iceland team entering the finals of the world cup for the first time. It was a happy moment for all the people of the country. It broke the records of Tobago and Trinidad to become the smallest country of all time to go for the World cup finals in football. The best part was that they won with pretty good scores too! Now, this is what we call an inspirational win!