Month: September 2017

The Williams Sisters Are Nothing But American Sports Royalty!

September 21, 2017

We keep hearing about the achievements of top-class sports players. On the one hand Federer became the oldest man to win a Wimbledon, and on the other hand, we have Venus Williams who keeps on breaking records and winning games. At the age of 37, Venus Williams is nothing but a great source of inspiration for us. She has made it to the second week of her seventh straight major. While she was near the end of her first week, her sister and star performer Serena Williams gave birth to a daughter. These sisters have been in the news only for their exceptional achievements and nothing else.

Player Maria Sharapova returned from a drug suspension to play the Grand Slam. She was quite a headliner then in the first week of the open. She also won three matches in the week making sports lovers go gaga. However, the Williams sisters are a tennis family that has never been reported for any scandalous activity. We should certainly salute the spirit of this family that has brought many prestigious wins for the country. They are one of the best American sports persons who are an inspiration to all of us.

Venus and Serena have won 30 major singles and 14 more Grand Slam doubles championships in their career. They have ruled the Tennis arena for more than two decades now. Earlier there were the great Althea Gibson and Ashe before Venus and Serena came out of Compton to change the Tennis world. Serena played matches even while she was pregnant. The public couldn’t figure that out until she won the championship and the news was released that she is expecting a baby soon. It was a shock for all of us seeing the high spirits of this great lady for the love of tennis.