Are The UK People Happy With Brexit?


The recent Brexit polls were evidently pointing towards the discontent of people for the UK leaving the European Union. The poll findings were highlighted on Twitter by Labor MPs Chuka Umunna, Steve Red, and David Lammy. Their tweets reflected that public opinion is turning against Brexit and the Brexit polls are clear shot signs. A disparity among female votes indicates that 49% females think it was a wrong decision whereas 40% were happy with the decision. In the fifth meeting concerning Brexit talks, some officials said they had reached a deadlock situation concerning post-Brexit payments.

Before the polls, Theresa May refrained from answering whether she would participate in the survey for Brexit or not. Later she said that her reaction would be to weigh up the pieces of evidence and nothing more. May’s actions during Brexit negotiations were supposed to be failing Britain according to Jeremy Corbyn. Britain is moving towards a deadlock situation where it might end up becoming a deregulated tax haven. Several claims are being made by the opposition party leaders that the pro-Brexit Conservative party members are moving in a self-benefit direction. A no outcome discussion that happens every time a meeting is organized for Brexit is not a good sign.

Now the polls show that the number of people who regret the decision to vote pro-Brexit has increased. In fact, the opinion of people turning against Brexit led to the YouGov polls getting seized by the Labour MPs. There is tremendous distress going on in the post Brexit condition of UK. As the days pass on, the fear of people turning against is increasing. With the public in panic, nothing better can happen in the country. It is all up to the capability of the ruling party now to break through the deadlock and show the people why Brexit was ever initiated.

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